The bloody weep is a satanic black metal band
who does not use any live show as old misanthropic tradition.
The sound is influenced by bands such as Dark funeral, Marduk,
Satyricon and Darkthrone, while maintaining its own
unmistakable style and personnel.

A powerful and claustrophobic black metal with Thrash metal solos
characterize the unique sound of Bloody Weep.


The bloody weep was born in 1998 with 3 components.
Dave Saluto (drums), Massi Fucking Die (lead guitar) and Max
Pure Evil (voice).
In 1999 comes the first full length "Darkness of flames"
selling well 80 copies, despite production below
In 2003 Dave Saluto comes out from the band for commitments
personal. Max pure evil by drums and switches to the voice and
the guitars are being handled by Massi Fucking Die.
In July 2006 release Grimonio, which represents a true leap
forward for the band. In November 2009 release Hate Era,
the blackest album of the band.


Massi Fucking Die     Max Pure Evil
Lead guitar, Vocals and Bass     Drums and Backing vocals